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Together we fund the future

Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and investors that want to contribute to positive change. Our entrepreneurs provide an appealing financial return. With your investment, they can take the next step forward.
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The Oneplanetcrowd team

Meet our team: an experienced group of crowdfunding experts. We are socially conscious and believe in the power of the crowd and sustainable innovation.


Coenraad de Vries Laura Roosenboom Maarten de Jong Lydia Horlings Alwik Tiggelaar Wilma van Luenen
Coenraad de Vries Co-founder Laura Rooseboom Co-founder Maarten de Jong Commercial director Lydia Horlings Marketing director Alwik Tiggelaar Technical director Wilma van Luenen Manager support

Jacqueline Ulen Jurjen Munneke Annemieke Bos Matti van der Gronde Sophie Hoenselaar Sandra Beurden
Jacqueline Ulen Productmanager Jurjen Munneke Online Marketeer Annemieke Bos Investment specialist Matti van der Gronde
Investment specialist
Sophie van Hoenselaar
Account manager
Sandra Beurden Network Support

Vincent Vos Stefano Durighello Carlos Nunes Wayne Daly
Vincent Vos
Product Owner
Stefano Durighello Full Stack Developer Carlos Nunes
Full Stack Developer
Wayne Daly
Full Stack Developer


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