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Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and investors that want to contribute to positive change. Our entrepreneurs provide an appealing financial return. With your investment, they can take the next step forward.
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Oneplanetcrowd is a collaboration between organisations. Each partner contributes to this crowdfunding platform in its own way. This enables Oneplanetcrowd to have access to a larger network and more expertise. Oneplanetcrowd’s partners want to promote the (financial) growth of socially responsible and sustainable companies. Crowdfunding is an increasingly important instrument in achieving this objective. Crowdfunding can only be successful if it has a lot of support and a wide reach. This is why we and our partners have put together a national network of people and organisations which together are able to support our entrepreneurs on many fronts. This allows the ambitions of entrepreneurs to be realised even quicker.

Start Green Venture Capital
Start Green Venture Capital is an initiator of Oneplanetcrowd and invests in entrepreneurs and enterprises wishing to commercialise innovative sustainable technologies or products.

StartLife is a Premium Partner of Oneplanetcrowd. StartLife is the leading partner in knowledge and network for enterprises in the field of sustainable agrifood solutions.

Rabobank actively points entrepreneurs with financing needs, other than only bank loans, to Oneplanetcrowd. More about this collaboration (Dutch) >>

Voor de wereld van morgen
The crowdfunding platform Voor de wereld van morgen is a collaboration between the ASN Bank and Oneplanetcrowd.

DGI Europe
In collaboration with DGI Europe we provide the opportunity to finance your real estate project through crowdfunding. We open up the real estate market for private investors and give real estate developers access to the required funding for their projects. More about this collaboration (Dutch) >>

Together with Econnetic we want to accelerate innovation in the sustainable energy industry. This collaboration provides the entrepreneur access to: 1) a network of investors with a major interest in sustainable energy and 2) to specialized support on the execution of their project. More about this collaboration (Dutch) >>

The Next Women
The Next Women is a platform of investors, entrepreneurs and consultants, with services to support the growth of female-driven entrepreneurship. TheNextWomen provides access to capital, advice and networks. More about this collaboration (Dutch) >>


Logo P+ People Planet Profit

P+ People Planet Profit is one of the leading Dutch websites on corporate social responsibility in the Netherlands. The 3 P’s ‘People, Plant, Profit’ are in line the cor of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Logo Oneworld

Oneworld is Netherlands’ biggest website on global interconnectedness and sustainability.

De Betere Wereld
De Betere Wereld showcases green, attractive and sustainable alternatives. They use a modern and inspiring cross-media platform to deliver good news on the subjects of sustainability and consumption. Enjoy & Do Good!

De Investeerdersclub
De Investeerdersclub is the most informal ‘informals’ network in the Netherlands. More than 50 investors, that invest in good companies, take part in the network.

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