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Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and investors that want to contribute to positive change. Our entrepreneurs provide an appealing financial return. With your investment, they can take the next step forward.
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Crowdfunding in 3 steps

Do you want to invest in return for a great reward or an attractive return on investment, while contributing to a better world? Oneplanetcrowd is Europe’s leading sustainable crowdfunding platform. Reshape the world together with our crowd of over 18.000 investors.

Invest at attractive interest rates, receive sustainable products or become co-owner of an innovative sustainable or social enterprise. Just a small sum is enough to get involved!



Browse the current projects in the overview. Click on the project page to see more information about the crowdfunding project and the entrepreneur.


Select the desired funding button on the right-hand side of the project page. This will give you all the information about this funding option. By confirming this selection you will be asked to log in or to sign up. The information we request is needed to complete the investment agreement which you and the entrepreneur will enter into. You will be able to see this agreement after logging in/signing up.

This investment agreement contains the mutual agreements made and the entrepreneur’s obligations to you. Among other things, it includes specifications of the amount invested, the way in which you will be repaid, for instance the product or service to be delivered, the interest paid or the conversion moment at which you can become co-owner, and of course the time frame. Once you have read and accepted this investment agreement you will be taken to the payment options.

Oneplanetcrowd collaborates with payment partner Buckaroo. After payment, you will receive an email from Oneplanetcrowd containing a confirmation with the investment agreement. If you have selected the bank transfer payment option you will also receive an email from Buckaroo with payment instructions. Read here in frequently asked questions: where is my money when I have invested in a crowdfunding project but the money has not yet been transferred to the entrepreneur? See other frequently asked questions here.


After investing, the entrepreneur will send you regular updates by email. Share the crowdfunding project with as many people as possible through email and/or social media to help increase the chance of success even more!

Was the crowdfunding project completed successfully? Oneplanetcrowd will then transfer the money to the entrepreneur, who will use it to execute the project and must honour the agreements made in the investment agreement.

If the funding goal is not reached within the set time limit your entire investment will be returned to you within 10 working days, and the investment agreement is immediately dissolved.


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