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In the UK, Oneplanetcrowd offers reward-based crowdfunding for market introductions of B2C products by entrepreneurs who campaign in the UK as well as in The Netherlands. Are you a Dutch entrepreneur? Please consult this page for the opportunities for Dutch enterprises.


Would you like to start a crowdfunding campaign to launch a new B2C product? We kindly invite you to send us an application to with besides your contact information:

  • The name and website of your enterprise
  • Photos and pricing of the product
Oneplanetcrowd will come back to you within a few days.


Oneplanetcrowd receives many applications of entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic to start a campaign at our platform. To guarantee the quality of our service and to provide proper guidance to the entrepreneurs going live, Oneplanetcrowd makes a selection out of the received applications on a weekly basis. This selection is based to which extent the applications meet to the criteria of Oneplanetcrowd.

Oneplanetcrowd offers four different types of crowdfunding in the Netherlands.

Oneplanetcrowd offers four different types of crowdfunding in the Netherlands.


In the rewards model the investor pays a sum of money to an enterprise, who uses it to develop the first version of a new product or service. As a reward, the investor will receive this product or this service at a lower price than the eventual retail price, or with additional attractive extras, in exchange for the fact that the investor often has to wait a bit longer for delivery.


For non-profit organisations we provide the option of raising donations. In the case of donations the reward is usually a token of acknowledgement or an experience of the project made possible by the investor, for instance a video showing the outcome of the project.


For entrepreneurs with existing turnover and financial securities there is the option of obtaining loans from our investors.


For companies with high growth potential but limited financial securities, which need higher amounts of funding (from €100,000) to be able to scale up, there is the option of obtaining subordinated convertible loans. This funding instrument gives the crowd the option of becoming co-owner of your enterprise through subsequent conversion of the loan into non-voting share certificates. The advantage of this structure is that you have the involvement of an active, generally commercially engaged group of shareholders, without them having a say in business operations. Economic gains will of course be proportionally shared with the investors.


Entrepreneurs can also attract international attention for their projects via Oneplanetcrowd. At this time, we offer the option of campaigning in multiple languages (Dutch, English and German). We also have a team in Germany who can help you run your campaign.

It is possible to start a worldwide donation or rewards campaign. The present rules and regulations regarding raising money internationally by means of a (convertible) loan however continue to change frequently, and the rules and regulations differ greatly per country. If you’d like to know more about the possibilities and impossibilities of raising funds internationally by means of loans or convertible loans, please get in touch via



A steady base favours trust. A campaign that is already funded by multiple investors will stimulate the crowd to invest in your campaign. For that reason campaigns are first launched within the own network of the entrepreneur. At this point in time the campaign is not yet publicly visible on the website. The project page is exclusively available to the network of the entrepreneur. The duration of this phase is two weeks. An advantage is that the project page can be optimized during this time with feedback from friends, family and existing customers.

If a minimum of 20% of the target amount is raised after two weeks, the project page will be made visible on the website of Oneplanetcrowd. Now everyone can invest.


Entrepreneurs who choose to fund their projects in the form of loans or convertible loans, can choose to keep their entire campaign private. This way the growth strategies and business plans is shared only with a select number of people instead of the general public. The selected crowd (incrowd) can be provided with more extensive (financial) information stimulating the investment of larger amounts.

The incrowd module can also be used in order to target an existing group of investors, for example an informal investors society. They can sign up for an (follow up) investment. The incrowd module takes care of the transactions, both legally and financially. The entrepreneur is no longer required to negotiate with all individual investors and handle the contracts. This saves time and effort.


Oneplanetcrowd is aimed at enterprises and projects with a green or socially responsible character. You can also sign up if you are a well-established entrepreneur wishing to introduce a new product or service to the market or to crowd-fund a specific project.


  • The project has a clear and significant positive impact on people and/or the planet.
  • The project is positive, innovative, distinctive and appeals to a wide audience. It offers an interesting reward in the form of a product/service, an attractive interest rate or the option of obtaining shares in a promising company through a convertible loan.
  • There is clear insight into the purpose for the financial means and what the activities are that need financing. In other words, the money will be spent on a concrete, urgent purpose which can be communicated clearly.
  • The funding goal lies between €1000 and €1,000,000.
  • You involve and activate your own network and are prepared to actively campaign in the countries of your choosing.


Once your project has been approved and you are satisfied that we can help you achieve your funding goal, we charge the following costs:

  • A publishing fee of €200 (excluding taxes) plus 1% of the funding goal. This fee is charged for the administrative work involved in publishing the crowdfunding project on our website. Entrepreneurs raising funds through a loan or convertible loan (whereby a professional business analyst conducts an extensive financial analysis) will be charged €450. These entrepreneurs do not pay a publishing fee.
  • When you reach your funding goal you will pay a success fee of 7% of the total amount raised, plus taxes.
  • The transaction costs charged by our payment partner Buckaroo are only passed on to the entrepreneur, without mark-up, if the campaign is successful. The entrepreneur will receive a specification hereof. The costs per transaction depend on the payment method chosen by the crowdfunder. We offer the following payment methods on our platform:

    • iDeal - €0.50
    • Bank transfer - €0.35
    • One-off Direct Debit - €0.40
    • SOFORT Banking - €0.25 + 2% of amount invested (with a minimum of €0.45)

If the funding goal is not reached, Oneplanetcrowd will cover the transaction costs and you will only pay the publishing fee. This means that Oneplanetcrowd and entrepreneur share the commercial risk involved in reaching your funding goal.

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