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Oneplanetcrowd giftcard

Congratulations! You’ve received your personal Oneplanetcrowd crowdfunding giftcard code. With the credit on your giftcard, you can invest in one, or multiple projects, on Oneplanetcrowd. You’ve received two numbers: one is the giftcard number and one is the pin code (confirmation code). Please follow these instructions to use your digital giftcard:

  1. Go to and choose one of the projects you would like to invest in
  2. Choose your fundingbutton and/or the amount you would like to invest
  3. Follow the payment steps until you can select your payment method
  4. Choose ‘Oneplanetcrowd giftcard’ as a payment method
  5. Enter your cardnumber without spaces, and also enter the pincode
  6. If the credit on your digital giftcard is lower than the choosen investment amount, you will be requested to proceed in paying the remaining amount through one of the choosen payment methods

Important note: In case a project doesn’t manage to meet it’s funding goal by the end date, all investments will be refunded to the crowd within 10 working days. If you have (partly) invested with your digital giftcard, the amount used on that card will also be refunded as credit. All investment made outside of this giftcard, with other payment methods will be refunded to your bank account in case the project is unsuccesful. It is therefore recommended that you keep your card code, until it is certain that a project is successful.

Want to buy a digital Oneplanetcrowd crowdfunding giftcard?

You can purchase a digital giftcard from 15 euro and up at Oneplanetcrowd. To learn more about the possibilities, please contact us at info[at]

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