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Oneplanetcrowd is Europe’s leading sustainable crowdfunding platform. Since launching in 2012 we have grown into a platform with more than 25,000 active investors and have raised over €20,000,000 in funding. This has allowed us to provide seed money or growth capital for more than 175 projects. Oneplanetcrowd operates mainly in The Netherlands.


Entrepreneurs use Oneplanetcrowd to fund the growth of their company. They may raise funds to develop a new and innovative product or a service. If the crowd comes together to pledge the funding goal for making this growth possible, this clearly validates the existence of the enterprise. In addition to market acceptance, a successful crowdfunding campaign also gives the entrepreneur vast exposure. This is because, in crowdfunding, each individual is not only an investor but generally also a user of the product, and, what’s more, an ambassador for the entrepreneur. We call this ‘the power of the crowd'. By using crowdfunding to mobilise large groups of conscious consumers we can bring about sustainable and social innovations. In this way, we can improve our planet together. It should come as no surprise that our motto is ‘Together we fund the future’.

Here at Oneplanetcrowd we see everyone as a potential investor. Just a small sum is enough to get involved.



Crowdfunding projects on Oneplanetcrowd contribute to a better world; they have a significant and positive impact on people and planet. We call this ‘double return’. Our platform allows both established entrepreneurs and those just starting out to attract funding. For instance to fund expansion or to introduce a new product to the market. Crowdfunding can however also be used for projects, such as the development of a regional solar park or wind farm. In addition to business and project funding, non-profit donation projects are also welcomed. Our platform embraces a wide range of themes, such as energy, healthcare, social cohesion, sustainable food and fashion. Any crowdfunding project which has a positive impact will find a home at Oneplanetcrowd.


  • Launched in 2012
  • Largest sustainable crowdfunding platform in Europe, with over 25,000 investors
  • Operates in the Netherlands
  • Flexible funding model tailored to each entrepreneur’s needs, with convertible loans and loans, with the option to include rewards and donation
  • Success rate of over 70% of all projects which go live on our platform

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Interested in who’s behind Oneplanetcrowd? See the team and our partners here.


WakaWaka Power

Waka Waka WakaWaka Power is the shining star of the crowdfunding world. There’s no sustainability or social prize that hasn’t been won by this handy, stylish solar telephone charger, which also has a unique social story. For each WakaWaka Power solar charger sold, a WakaWaka Light is donated to a family in Haiti, who would otherwise be in the dark every night. WakaWaka gives these families a sustainable alternative to polluting and dangerous paraffin lamps. WakaWaka was one of the first enterprises to start a crowdfunding campaign via Oneplanetcrowd in 2012. The media attention surrounding this remarkable success has not been equalled. They raised a massive €213,766.90.

Waka Waka:

“We are proud to be known as Oneplanetcrowd’s first big success story! The huge success of our crowdfunding campaign for the WakaWaka Power of course brought in a lot of financial means. This money enabled us to take the first important steps toward ending energy poverty among the 1.2 billion people in the world without access to electricity. The campaign however gave us much more than money alone; we were for instance able to build up a highly involved, loyal and valuable backing network which supports us to this day. A lot of the press attention has also turned out to be extremely valuable, retailers even started approaching us! Crowdfunding is much more than just raising money. It is THE opportunity to come into contact with the world around you, which can lead to a lot of valuable relationships and connections.” – Camille van Gestel


A pioneering innovative wind energy technology which generates electric power more cheaply than coal-fired power stations. And all from right here in the Netherlands! It may have seemed like a futuristic idea, but then Ampyx Power revealed a patented invention: the Powerplane. This glider plane generates electric power very quickly and efficiently by means of an inventive mechanism, connected to a generator via a winch. For the next step in the development of this revolutionary Powerplane, Ampyx Power raised an impressive €329,700 via Oneplanetcrowd. They did this using Oneplanetcrowd’s latest crowdfunding instrument, the subordinated convertible loan. This crowdfunding success also made many international headlines. Oneplanetcrowd was the first in the world to develop and launch the convertible loan as a crowdfunding tool.


powerplaneSnappcar broke our platform’s record in 2014, with a crowdfunding total of €560,125 raised. The biggest (near-)equity crowdfunding project in Dutch history. SnappCar’s community, which allows people to make money by sharing their own car with others, also turned out to be a golden investment opportunity. SnappCar funded the next step in the growth of their rapidly scalable startup via subordinated convertible loans. Did you know that there are 250 million cars in Europe, and that they are stationary for an average of 23 hours a day? With this successful crowdfunding campaign SnappCar can take the first steps toward realising its mission: 1% fewer cars in Europe.


“Crowdfunding was a great way for us to strengthen our relationship with our community and allow people to share our success and our expansion into Europe. Our crowdfunding campaign not only created a huge buzz in the market as well as capital, but also injected an unbelievable amount of energy into the team behind SnappCar. So many people wishing us well, and so much positivity. Really amazing!” – Victor van Tol & Pascal Ontijd


The World Wildlife Fund, active since 1961, first used Oneplanetcrowd for a joint crowdfunding campaign. The objective: using an Eco-drone, an unmanned glider plane, to track down wildlife criminals (poachers). The first campaign we set up with them via crowdfunding resulted in more than €10,000 in raised funds in the form of donations. After this successful and worthwhile campaign it did not take long for WWF to initiate another campaign via Oneplanetcrowd: the Seastars crowdfunding campaign, during which almost €25,000 was raised to plant new coral reefs in Belize: the incubators of the sea. These campaigns show that crowdfunding also lends itself very well to organisations with years of experience in fundraising, and can actually be a result-oriented and supplementary way of successfully funding a project, or part of the project, using crowdfunding.

Marlou van Campen, Project Manager Seatars campaign:

“No fewer than 492 committed individuals have helped with the restoration of the coral reefs in Belize in the last year. Thanks to the €24,540 we raised via Oneplanetcrowd we can transplant 12,000 pieces of cultivated coral into the reef in the next two years. It is thanks to the passion, interest and boundless energy of all those who participated that this coral campaign has become a great success. Thank you!”- Marlou van Campen


Oneplanetcrowd is one of the founding members of the trade association ‘Crowdfunding Nederland’. Oneplanetcrowd subscribes to the Code of Conduct ( and complies therewith.

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