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Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and investors that want to contribute to positive change. Our entrepreneurs provide an appealing financial return. With your investment, they can take the next step forward.
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For Oneplanetcrowd’s services, a management fee is charged.

Management fee

0.2% per quarter (0.8% on an annual basis) taxes included, over the outstanding principal amount of the loans. Our management fee will be automatically deducted from the loan repayments of your investments.

Our services

  • Thorough selection of companies – Before an entrepreneur can raise capital he/she will be subjected to an in-depth evaluation.
  • Professional investment sheets – Information about the company, her plans and the findings of Oneplanetcrowd’s analysis, in order for you to make investment decisions.
  • Contractual and financial processing of investments
  • Online overview of loans – Personal profile with up to date information about expected moments of repayment and interest payments.
  • Annual tax summary
  • Supervision of entrepreneurs and their compliance with obligations towards investors
  • A business update from the entrepreneur twice a year containing financial information on how the company is performing
  • Support at conversion of loans - In case of convertible loans Oneplanetcrowd ensures the process of conversion will run smoothly.
  • Mediation in case the entrepreneur unexpectedly (partly) can’t meet his/her repayment obligations (e.g. setting up an alternative repayment schedule that both the investors and entrepreneur agree upon).
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