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Call for Proposal


Energy Access in Africa and Asia


We are searching for new campaigns focused on increasing energy access in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

Campaigns can receive up to EUR 25.000 support by the GVEP International Crowd Power program. The program researches the impact of crowdfunding on energy access.

Financed campaigns must contribute to the advancement of energy access in target countries. Technologies could be


  • Solar – charging, lighting, water, agriculture and other use
  • Energy Efficient Cookstoves
  • Biogas – units, tanks and stoves
  • Biomass – briquettes or gasification
  • Wind
  • Smart metering systems
  • Minigrids – biomass gasification, wind, solar, hybrid
  • Improved battery systems

For further information check our official proposal.

In case you or people you know have a project fitting the criteria, please contact


How To Become A Coral Gardener


Coral Gardening wants you to join them building a healthy sea. Their goal is to restore damaged coral reefs and grow new ones on creatively designed statues. Learn more about the team and the project and why it is so important to protect reefs:


Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Frank van Klaveren, 49 years, and I have a relationship with Vera Aarden. I previously worked as a freelance trainer in communication and sustainability. Vera worked for the Waterpolice and studies environmental sciences. Now we build new artificial reefs for divers and to grown coral on. We call the artificial reef a CoralGarden. Our statues in the CoralGarden are designed in such a way that they immediately provide an attractive refuge for fish and other marine life, which are vital for the development of a healthy and diverse reef. Not only does a CoralGarden give a boost to nature, but divers and snorkelers also enjoy a new and unique underwater experience. Some of our statues are designed specifically with diver interaction in mind.


What is your motivation, how did you get the idea to start this project?

Many people have no idea how bad the state of the ocean is. The ocean is polluted and overfished in such a way, that many scientist predict that the coral reefs will die and all fish that humans can eat will be gone in 30 years. This is why CoralGardening is stepping up to the challenge of restoring and protecting coral reefs. During a holiday, we did a course on active reef restoration and reef building. That was when our passion emerged. During that coral course we built our first artificial reef, and it was amazing to see how quick fish adopted the new reef. We have followed many marine conservation courses and volunteered at many ocean conservation projects. It is so much fun to build a new reef and see the positive effects of your work. We have now decided to follow our hearts. We will leave The Netherlands and work full-time on building artificial reefs to restore life in the ocean.


In what way does your project contribute to a better world?

Corals are not only beautiful, but also essential for the well being of humanity and nature. They serve as coastal protection, provide shelter and are nurseries for many species. Over 500 million people depend on coral reefs as a source of food and income. Under water it works basically the same as above. You can compare a sandy area under water with a desert on land, there are not many animals that can survive under such harsh circumstances. Building an artificial reef is like planting a new forest, you create a new habitat for fish and coral. The biodiversity will increase quickly. Passionate about the ocean, we will contribute to a healthy ocean and a better world for the generations to come.


Why did you choose to run a crowdfunding campaign?

If you want to restore nature, you won’t get paid for it. It is all voluntary work. The “economic” investors don’t see the return on investment moneywise, so they won’t invest. We don’t mind to put all our time in restoring the reefs, but we need to buy materials to build the reefs. With the crowdfunding campaign we raise the money for the necessary materials. All the other expenses we pay by our selves.


Why should people participate in your campaign?

Everybody is depending on the ocean, even if you live far away from it. The ocean provides us with food, it regulates the climate and the algae in our ocean produce about 50% of the oxygen in the world. It is in everybody’s interest to keep the ocean healthy and alive. And by funding this project you directly contribute to a healthy sea. A healthy ocean is a healthy planet!

Besides the importance of the sea, it is also really beautiful to snorkel or dive on a coral reef. By joining our movement, you can preserve coral reefs, so our children and grandchildren experience that same beauty as we do.


What are your future plans?

We are now building our prototype CoralGarden on Koh Tao, Thailand. When it is finished, we will write a manual and make it available as open source, so everyone can build a CoralGarden. The more people restore coral reefs, the better for the ocean.

The second idea is a technological innovation. At this moment we make every statue by hand. To increase the speed and reduce the cost of reef building, we are researching the possibility of using a 3D printer to create the statues.


You want to become a Coral Gardener? Click here

Afriek: When fashion tells a story


An Interview with Afriek


Two years ago, young fashion label Afriek, based in Amsterdam, started a first crowdfunding campaign on Oneplanetcrowd –with great success! This way, Sivan Bremhaar and Kars Gerrits financed the launch of their first blazer collection for men that was manufactured in cooperation with tailors in Rwanda. With their current crowdfunding campaign, a first collection for women will be produced! The things that set Afriek apart are the colorful African prints and the slogan of the label: A story that suits. At a time when the scandals of the fast fashion industry like child labour and inhumane manufacturing conditions make more and more people question the origins of their clothing, Afriek has set itself the goal to connect fashion with a story worth telling and to make people see Africa from a different angle.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Sivan Breemhaar and together with Kars Gerrits I founded Afriek in 2013, combining Dutch design with African culture and craftsmanship. Our fashion brand started two years ago through crowdfunding for our collection of mens’ blazers that are handmade in Rwanda. At this moment we are proudly launching our very first womenswear collection through Oneplanetcrowd that we created in cooperation with designer Lisa Konno, of which all pieces are made with African print fabric by talented tailors in Rwanda.  

What is your motivation, how did you get the idea to start this project?

We started Afriek because we were inspired by the local culture in Rwanda of buying fabrics and creating an original piece of clothing together with a personal tailor. Everyone does that in Rwanda and so everyone looks different and actually knows who made their clothes. This is something many people in Europe don’t know, and even worse: we don’t care. My most important goal with Afriek is showing people here a different perspective on Africa, I believe everyone benefits from a more equal relationship between “the West” and Africa, not only working together based on respect and equality but also being mutually inspired by each others cultures, habits and ways of living. That is what our brand represents.  

In what way does your project contribute to a better world?

We envision a globalized world in which we are open to learn from each other, trying understand each other and thus respect each other. With Afriek we contribute to connecting bright individuals from across the globe through fashion and show the stories that are hidden behind those people.  

Why did you choose to run a crowdfunding campaign?

This second crowdfunding campaign is a way for us to respond to the growing demand of women for our products. We have been selling menswear for over a year and we still need some time to firmly set our brand in the market. With this crowdfunding campaing we are able to respond to the growing demand from women, testing the actual interest in these products and introduce a new collection in a very sustainable way as we only produce based on orders.  

Why should people participate in your campaign?

If they love our products and can’t wait to wear the beautifully designed, eclectically printed pieces, then they should participate! Your garment is handmade in Rwanda and carries the name of the tailor on the label inside, you will even get a polaroid picture of the tailor that is actually making your piece. Which is, on top of everything, also a limited edition piece of which no more than 20 are made. And: if you support you get 10% discount on the retail price!  

What are your future plans?

We would like to sell our brand internationally, now slowly starting to conquer Europe. In this way we can ensure becoming a viable fashion brand through which we can spread our story even further. In the future we would also like to work with materials and crafts from other countries for our collections. And we are looking into ways to guarantee that the authentic African fabrics that we used are produced in a sustainable way. But first, launching our womenswear collection.  

Click here to have a look at the project page of Afriek’s crowdfunding campaign and contribute to making their vision come true!

100 Projects successfully funded!


Oneplanetcrowd considers sustainable and social innovation to be essential in order to find solutions to the challenges we face in this world. Our mission is to create a positive impact by means of these innovations. We do so by connecting investors and entrepreneurs who jointly realize the implementation of sustainable technologies, products or services, as well as social projects. Eventually though, it is the crowd who makes a crowdfunding campaign a success. With the successful conclusion of the campaign Natural Bulbs, Oneplanetcrowd celebrates with you the 100th project being funded on our platform!

Curious about our crowdfunding campaigns?

100 crowdfunding campaigns are too many to name all of them. Still, we would like to mention some of them at this point, like Seamore who brought a new taste experience on our tables with their seaweed pasta. Other successful reward campaigns were Yoni and Dutch Harvest. Popular projects that were supported with loans were BeGreen and Chocolatemakers. For the latter of the two, you could even choose to receive 5% of your interest in money and 3% in chocolate. Powerplane and Snappcar were successfully offering convertible loans as a funding option to the crowd. The investors of these two campaigns have in the meantime become co-owners of the businesses. Of all crowdfunding campaigns on Oneplanetcrowd, Waka Waka had the highest number of financial backers with a total of 2.155 investors in two campaigns.

The Future

Oneplanetcrowd will continue to contribute to the development of a green and integrative economy in the future. We will do so by raising finance for projects in the following domains:

• Sustainable energy

• Energy saving

• Transition from using fossil fuels to using renewable energy

• Sustainable agriculture and food security

• Circular economy

• Social entrepreneurship

• Share economy

• Promotion of health, care and the well-being of people

• Sustainable construction

• Efficient use of water

• Preservation of nature

• Educational innovation


"Together we fund the future!"

You want to learn more?

>See crowdfunding campaigns

>Information for entrepreneurs

A book that changes the world


Did you know that about one billion people older than 15 years cannot read and write?

A lot of schools struggle with a structural shortage of writing material. This was the case in the primary school of Bum, a small village in one of the poorest and most isolated regions of Nicaragua. Although children were finally able to go to school, they were still not able to learn how to write as the access to writing material was difficult. There was just not enough money to buy notebooks and pens on a regular basis.

The students Sam von Tol and Amy Quirijnen, developed a solution to this problem: Correctbook. It basically functions like a whiteboard, but in the form of a book: you can write on the pages with a marker and wipe it out later with the back of the pen. This makes Correctbook a product with potentially indefinite use!

In the beginning of this year, the team started a crowdfunding campaign on Oneplanetcrowd. About 200 people funded the project with almost 10.000€. Thanks to their support, Correctbook was able to start producing and to achieve its first aims: opening an online shop for distribution and donating 150 Correctbooks to the primary school in Bum. In addition to that, 25% of the turnover realized with the online shop are destined for further donations of Correctbooks to schools in developing countries.

But that’s not all: The team has not remained idle since the successful outcome of their campaign. They developed a new product: the “pocket book”. It is a handy, small version of the Correctbook that can be carried around easily.

Because of its success in the Netherlands, Correctbook is soon to be sold in Belgium and Germany as well. Also, the team took up a new project. At the moment they cooperate with Rixt Lanting, a primary school teacher, and the student group “Pabo” from Rotterdam to support the Bondeko school in Kayunga, Uganda to take another step forward fighting the problem of illiteracy.

Great project! Keep it up!




Welcome to Oneplanetcrowd’s new website! As you may have noticed, Oneplanetcrowd’s new website has undergone some major changes. As a (future) investor or entrepreneur, you’ll want to know all about these changes. This blog will get you up to speed on the changes and how to make optimal use of the new and improved Oneplanetcrowd website.


The most eye-catching changes have been our branding and logo. Oneplanetcrowd has been given a completely new look. The logo has been updated: more streamlined, fresher and more modern, a design which expresses our international ambitions and increased professionalism. This also emerges on our website: the website is more neutral, allowing the projects to take centre stage. The familiar Oneplanetcrowd colours of purple and turquoise have of course made a comeback in the new branding.

For entrepreneurs

You, the entrepreneur, now have full control over your project page from start to finish. You have the option of submitting your project through our simple and intuitive ‘wizard’: ‘start a project’ allows you to generate a project in steps, and shows you in real time what this project will look like on the website. This means that, if the project is approved by us, the project will be ready to go live. The Oneplanetcrowd team will of course always be on hand to give feedback and advice about the submitted project. This ensures that a project will only go live when it is optimal in terms of both content and visual presentation. If you have any doubts about your project and you are not ready to start setting up a project page quite yet, you can still use our trusted Quickscan to discover whether your project is a good fit.

Click here to read more about our steps and the approval procedure.

Overview of the most notable new features for entrepreneurs:

  • Multilingual crowdfunding in both the Netherlands and Germany, increasing the scope of your campaign even further.
  • Creating a project is more intuitive and easier. The new wizard means you are only a few steps away from creating a crowdfunding project, and will explain which information to enter step by step. You have control of the page at all times and can make changes along the way, before your project goes live.
  • It has become easier to select the funding buttons and types of crowdfunding per project yourself, and to make changes before going live.
  • You can add a biography and picture to your profile, making your campaign more personal.
  • You have your own profile as an entrepreneur, where your information is stored.
  • Information about types of crowdfunding is more transparent and more clearly marked, making sure that the crowdfunder is optimally informed.

For investors

As an investor, you will now have your own profile and you will be able to determine how personalised this profile will be. From adding a profile picture to writing a biography, even your social media channels can be displayed in the profile! In addition, you can now also see which projects you have invested in at all times, which was a frequent request from our investors.

The most notable new features for investors:

  • You can now easily recognise the type of crowdfunding per project on the website. The (blue) gift icon represents crowdfunding via rewards or donation. The (purple) money pouch icon represents loan or subordinated convertible loan.
  • Crowdfunders can increase their investment by a desired amount.
  • The filters and sorting options enable a specific search for projects to your interest. This can be done on the basis of type of crowdfunding (donation, rewards, loans or convertible loans) but also by category, such as food, design or fashion. It is also possible to filter for ongoing and successful campaigns, and you can sort projects according to end date, start date, percentage funded, amount funded and number of funders.
  • Your profile will always give you an overview of all projects in which you have invested. Here, you will see the invested amount and the status of your investment for each project.
  • You’ll be given more information about the types of crowdfunding available, and the relevant type of funding is clearly indicated with each project. A comprehensive profile of return and risk is also described for each type of crowdfunding.

We would like to hear your thoughts about our new website! Any questions or comments? Share them with us via info[at]  

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